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Admissions and Scholarships

 Future health and care challenges require concerted effort across disciplines. The Mulungushi Central Ndola Campus' Health & Care Futures initiative provides health and care practitioners with a unique blend of learning opportunities:

The scholarship is available to new students enrolling in a diploma or bachelors degree program and starting in the January intake, 2024 undergraduate.


  1. New undergraduate is o levels five credits or better inclusive of Math, English, Science and any two options.

  2. The scholarship is available to any student who applies to the College for non-continuous and single course enrollment.

  3. Applicants must meet all undergraduate or graduate program admissions criteria.

  4. Students who are eligible for a tuition rate that is below the College’s standard corporate partner tuition rate are not eligible for this scholarship.

How to Apply For 100% Scholarship

  1. In order to ensure that Mulungushi Central Ndola Campus has your full, complete up-to-date details, we kindly request that you complete the Application Form and return it to Mulungushi Central Ndola Campus or apply on the online form after checking your mails attach your receipt of ZMW 150.00 non-refundable Application Fee.

  2. All payment should be deposited in the Mulungushi Central Bank Account Number: 5806361500108. (ZANACO BANK)

Award Amount

Students who qualify for this scholarship may be eligible for the following award:

  • Undergraduate students: 0% discount off the tuition of one course.

  • Graduate students: 50% discount off the tuition of one course.

Disbursement Conditions

  • For undergraduate students, the scholarship award will be applied against the tuition for one course in the January 2023 Intake.

  • The funds cannot be used to pay eResource fees or for books.

  • The scholarship may be awarded in addition to a corporate partnership discount rate being applied.

  • The award is not transferable. For undergraduate students, the award may not be combined with any other institutional scholarship. For graduate students, the award may be combined with any other institutional scholarship.

How to  Apply for 80% Scholarship

   1. Students must complete and submit the scholarship application form no later than January for the undergraduate term and July  for the graduate term. There is no fee to apply for this scholarship but upon receiving admission letter you will be required to pay the sum of ZMW 150. 00. non-refundable.


  2. All applications will be reviewed for approval by the College’s director of admissions, provost and president. Scholarship awards are made at the sole discretion of the College. All scholarship decisions are final and are not subject to appeal.


  3. All payment should be deposited in the Mulungushi Central, Bank Account Number: 5806361500108. (ZANACO BANK)

Center for Health & Professional Executive Development

Even with advanced diploma, Health and professional advancement can be difficult. Your Health and profession and your industry are rapidly evolving. Senior management expects more from you than ever before. Your Jobe landscape has never been more complex. Through the training and innovations offered by Mulungushi, you can start doing more than just reacting to new Health-Service challenges; you can be better equipped to anticipating them and leading others to new Health-Service solutions.

Online-Demand Learning
Courses & Certificates

Earn certifications, MCHC with self-paced online courses.

Some credits are transferable to related diploma programs at Mulungushi Central Health College.

Single Courses

A single career development course at Mulungushi Central Health College. Institute of Health will provide more than just college credits; it may have the power to grow your career acumen and help you get ahead, even if you’re not interested in pursuing a degree.


Corporate Partnerships

One of the benefits of being a Corporate Partner with Mulungushi is access to low-cost, Health and professional development training in a variety of subjects. These half-day training seminars are provided on your site by one of our expert faculty or staff. Training programs can be customized specifically for your company.



To thrive in a fast-changing Health and Professional environment, you need a source of powerful, short-term educational options that are as dynamic as your job challenges you.

Career Health-Profession Development Courses


Leadership and Management Courses

Organizational Behavior
Introduces the contemporary principles of organizational behavior from management and employee perspectives.

Operations Management
Offers an overview of operations management including planning, quality, supply chains, recall issues, process improvements and sustainability.

Strategic Management and Decision Making
Explores the management decisions and actions that affect corporate performance including strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation.

Quality Customer Service
Conveys the theory, concepts and methodologies that contribute to quality customer service in a global business environment.

Strategic Leadership and Management
Exposes students to foundational theories and business strategies they will use throughout their studies, including analyzing business problems and formulating strategic solutions.

Developing self as a Health care practitioner Courses

Healthcare Operations Management and Quality Assurance
Introduces the major healthcare constituents, such as hospitals and insurance companies, and how to understand and navigate their relationships.

Healthcare Finance and Reimbursement
Presents basic financial management concepts by providing students with the evaluation tools and assessment skills used to support the financial viability of a healthcare organization.

Healthcare Policy and Law
Addresses the most prevalent legal issues in today's health-delivery systems including HPCZ and its effects on enforcement of patient privacy and the security of patient data.


Customer Relationship Marketing
Explores best practices in developing and implementing CRM to turn customers into repeat buyers using brand marketing, creative communication, technology and research.

Principles of Public Relations
Provides a basic overview of planning and executing multi-faceted public relations programs as students work in teams to research an organization's policies and needs.

Consumer Behavior
Encourages an understanding of consumer behavior data that leads to audience segmentation strategies and successful marketing campaigns.


Governance, Ethics and Compliance
Explains corporate governance practice involving relations between a firm's executive leadership, governing board, stakeholders and shareholders.

Culture of Ethics
Explores foundational principles in ethical theory and ethical decision making, including how social dilemmas impact the business environment and business decision making.

Regulation and Regulators
Provides a broad understanding of the philosophy, history and context of regulations and regulatory agencies within financial services, healthcare, human resources and other industries.

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